Five Good Reasons To Buy Vintage Accessories

Posted on April 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

We source quality vintage accessories for modern styling, but why should you buy vintage? Well, we can think of five good reasons to convince you:

1. Quality
The quality, finish and attention to detail is striking. For example, most of our handbags are fully lined in suede, many are luxury lizard skin. To buy a new handbag of comparable quality today would be prohibitively expensive. Costume jewellery used top quality materials, such as gold and rhodium plating and the best Austrian crystals. Vintage pieces were made to last and consequently were very well looked after. Women invested in their accessories with the expectation that they would keep and use them for many years.  

2. Style
As well as being beautifully made, vintage bags and jewellery are incredibly stylish, with interesting design features. Find key classic accessories you love and mix with modern fashions to make them your own and really stand out. Develop your own style and get noticed.

3. Environment and Ethics
Throwaway fashion has a huge environmental and negative social impact, from escalating waste to toxic pollution and unethical labour practices. As consumers we each have the power to change how we shop and increase sustainability in fashion. Rather than buying high street accessories designed and made to last one season, step away from the ‘fast fashion’ cycle and invest in a quality, classic vintage bag or piece of jewellery. Look after it and you will have a key signature piece to complement your wardrobe for many years.

Unworn clothes in your wardrobe? Well chosen accessories can really transform an outfit. Rather than keep buying more and more clothes, use them to re-work and rediscover your existing wardrobe and create a new look: a well placed sparkly vintage brooch or a slinky, glittering vintage metal mesh bag can take an outfit from day to night; add a little vintage evening bag to ramp up the sophistication for a special occasion; or choose a classic ’50’s handbag for a sophisticated look.

4. Heritage
As well as using top quality materials, the production of vintage accessories employed a level of craftsmanship that has been lost in today’s mass produced fashions. Nearly all of our vintage handbags were made in England, buying vintage is an opportunity to explore, celebrate and preserve these wonderful bags from this country’s once thriving leather manufacturing industry.

5. Investment
Invest in vintage and not only will you have a quality handbag or piece of jewellery that is a little unusual and different from the high street, but you will have an accessory that you can enjoy for many years, which is likely to increase in value over time and which you can keep and pass on to the next generation.



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